Murder Mystery Comedy Show "Sing For Your Life"

Murder Mystery Comedy Show


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About Murder Mystery Comedy Show "Sing For Your Life"

Die Laughing Productions is back with another must see murder mystery comedy show.

Sing For Your Life is a Murder Mystery parody of American Idol. There's sex, drama, non stop laughs, incredible singing and a murder to solve. Can you solve it?

You’re at a TV taping of Karaoke Krown, a show that chooses who will reign as King or Queen of Karaoke! But before someone takes the crown, someone takes a life. This hilarious, interactive whodunit is part TV singing show parody and part live karaoke night.

Sing for Your Life stars comedians and Funny Bone favorites, Rob Maher, Tommy Sinbazo, Erik Woodworth, Sean Gabbert and as always, you. We have speaking and singing parts available for all you wannabe thespians and crooners out there.

Eat. Drink. Solve a murder. See you there.