Xxxtreme Comedy Hypnosis with Rich Guzzi

Xxxtreme Comedy Hypnosis with Rich Guzzi


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About Xxxtreme Comedy Hypnosis with Rich Guzzi

Special EXTREME Comedy Hypnosis Show
This show contains extreme adult content and a closed door policy will be in effect once the performance has started. It is advised that you arrive early. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Are you ready for something totally over the TOP? Then The Rich Guzzi Extreme Comedy Hypnosis Show is what you want. This is not your every day comedy show. It is an explosive night of madness that can best be described as an experience of Hysterical Debauchery.

We can't even write what will happen at this show here. Let's just say that once the subjects on stage get hypnotized, it will get very out of control and leave it at that.

Fruits and Vegetables are involved, Cucumbers, Bananas, Corn, on the Cob obviously not the nib lets, to make this the "Healthiest" night of comedy you will ever see.