Clash of The Comics Syracuse

Clash of The Comics Syracuse


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About Clash of The Comics Syracuse

Clash of the Comics is a competition for local comedians. All comics involved are competing in hopes to get inserted in our host rotation, and hopefully make a career of comedy.

Each comic is expected to be involved in the sale of tickets for the event. They are given an allotted amount of time to sell a specific number of tickets. If the requirements aren't met they will not participate in the competition. Also, during the competition they are required to stay within a time limited, and they will be judge on crowd reaction, crowd work, and the ability to follow the rules. There will be three independent judges, and the crowd votes via paper ballot.

Tables are preassigned and shared seating. You will be sat with other people or parties. If you would like to be seated with particular people or parties email support.

If you are interested in getting involved you can contact Rob Belcamino at [email protected] for more details.